About Us

Corporate Catering & Healthy Corporate Wellness Plans for San Francisco, CA

Nybll is different, here's why:

We are a chef-driven company with a mission to make healthy food as delicious, decadent, and convenient as we possibly can.  
We are disrupting corporate catering and personal meal delivery with a new platform connecting companies and families in need with healthy locally sourced meals.
  • We believe in the power of beautiful flavors and pure ingredients
  • We launched in Boston in 2012, and in San Francisco in 2014
  • We have served over 200 companies
  • We have served over 600,000 meals
  • Our markets are San Francisco and Boston with more planned for 2017 
  • We operate a charitable Meal For Meal program aiding Oakland families
  • We are not brokers
  • We operate our own dedicated kitchens in the markets we serve
  • We are founded by nationally awarded Chef Kristen Thibeault and Keven Thibeault 
We serve over 70 menus - all clean, healthy, and loaded with bold complex flavors and combinations such as California Farmstand, Southern BBQ, Indian, Persian, Sushi, Garden of Eden, Gourmet Pizza, West African, Thai, Persian, Caribbean, and Turkish. Try our DIY menus including Slider Bar, Ramen Bar, Taco Bar, Pho Bar, Potato Bar, Crepes, Bahn Mi Bar, and Salad Bar. Say goodbye to the same old lunch.

Nybll manages all aspects of ordering, delivery, set up, clean up, and special requests including last minute changes. We curate monthly menus for daily service factoring in your preferences and favorites giving you the ultimate in convenience and ensuring your team enjoys a healthy well balanced meal selection with impressive variety. Meals are provided with drop off, family style setup or optional white glove service.

Feel great after lunch! We offer clean recipes using real locally sourced food. We avoid processed foods including dairy, flour, sugar, and MSG. We use healthy oils and seasonings. Menus include a hearty vegetarian entree and traditional protein standard and feature responsible sourcing for meats and produce.

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