We believe access to beautiful, healthy, nutritious food is a human right shared by all.

Whether serving a world champion professional athlete, a tech futurist, a unicorn CEO, or an at-risk child living in a food desert, we are relentless in our commitment to fuel peak performance be it in the stadium, in the office, or inside the urban school. We use only the cleanest, most sustainably sourced ingredients in our plant-forward delicious meals to satisfy cravings, heal bodies, restore dignity, and unleash potential in everyone we feed.
We won’t stop until everyone has a seat at the table.

Quality Ingredients = Peak Performance

  • Lunch catering with plant forward and clean ingredients

  • Avoids dairy, gluten, added refined sugars... and energy crashes!

  • (Don’t worry, we love to squeeze in our comfort food menus too.)

unbeatable variety

  • 150+ menus representing every corner of the globe

  • Vegan, paleo and  gluten-free menu options included in EVERY theme

  • Office catering both foodies and basic eaters alike can enjoy

more bang

  • Family-style dining with hearty portions

  • Consistent excellence from our dedicated in-house culinary team

  • Broker free. We don’t resell marked up restaurant menus so 100% of your office meal program budget goes towards better food.

Striving for Zero Waste

  • No excessive packaging or labeling

  • We donate surplus meals to families in need through  The Patra Project.

  • No extra fees, scheduling or pick-ups required to manage leftovers

Chef Kristen Thibeault

Our Founding Chef
Chef Kristen Thibeault is considered one of the pioneers of the modern plant-based food movement. A nationally recognized vegan chef since 2012 and a certified sports nutritionist, she is a leading authority in pro-sport and plant-focused nutrition with professional athlete clients across all professional sports. As a stage-3, double cancer survivor, Kristen credits her plant-focused diet for her speedy recovery from treatment and a second chance at living her dream of being a chef.
Chef Kristen studied Nutritional Science at Stanford, is a certified sports nutritionist and holds her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu. When she is not traveling the globe in search of new culinary wonders, Kristen lives on the beach in SoCal with her husband and Nybll co-founder Keven, her two adorable sons Zander and Zacheo, and her Italian Mastiff Lola.


Serving pro-athletes and tech giants alike, our clients trust us to fuel their body and mind for peak performance. We are the healthy corporate catering choice for world-class performers.

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The food today was above & beyond – TONS of compliments. I heard “best food I’ve had in a clubhouse” from several players – I heard “what?! These guys are based out of Oakland?? We need them in our clubhouse” from one player. All in all, very very successful first day – as I knew it would be. The FoH’s you sent over were great. Perfect demeanor for what we d they’re perfect for the job.


BaseBall Operations

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I just wanted to share with you both that after yesterday's meal, I had 4 colleagues from different teams message me or tell me in person how much they enjoy and appreciate Michael. One of the direct quotes was, "Our lunch manager is really pleasant and he brightens my day; he's just so friendly!" The other feedback focused on how welcoming and attentive he is and how he goes out of his way to be so kind to us all.
You both already know how much I love working with him; it's truly a pleasure getting to see him every day at Upstart! He creates such a positive and calm atmosphere that is appreciated -- our team starts at the service line feeling harried and stressed, but by the time we leave the line, he makes us all feel somewhat human again. 😀
Thanks again for your help and we're excited for next week's menu!


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I loved how you lightly cooked the collard greens! The tofu curry was addictively delicious. The salad and citrus vinaigrette completed a perfect meal...​ Nybll’s catering has made committing to a plant-based diet convenient.​


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Thank you all so much for such an amazing job, everyone was raving about the food
and service but I’m sure you’re used to that. 😉 Anna was amazing as the leader, she definitely took charge and made sure everything was perfect. The rest of the staff was professional and extremely helpful when it came to asking them questions or requests.

Camp Pendleton Military Spouse Dinner

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10/10! Great steak! GREAT Cous Cous. Chicken was flavorful. Soup was very good. LOVED the sweet potatoes. Everyone is smiling and feels super good from the meal. Please do this again! Thank you.


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“When Glu moved the company’s headquarters to a new, beautiful and modern location in San Francisco, we chose Nybll's meal service to coincide with therelocation. Within weeks we were rewarded with a marked positive impact on employee morale and company culture in our new space. Nybll's authentic menus
are varied, delicious and always healthy. Their professional staff has scaled along
with our company’s growth efficiently, creatively and always with a smile. Nybll has truly become part of the Glu family and we look forward to many more delicious meals together.”

Nick Earl

President & CEO, Glu Mobile

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CityTeam is a nondenominational Christian nonprofit compassionately serving the poor, the homeless, and the lost. Since 1957, CityTeam has been serving people in extreme poverty and helping them transform their lives, their families and their communities.

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At the end of each meal service, Nybll’s Concierge staff brings back all unserved portions to be donated. These meals are repackaged and delivered to agencies who are servicing our local community.

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Every Friday, Ian Griffith and his team embark through the streets of SF distributing meals to the homeless. With every meal passed off, he asks the recipient to think about one thing they are grateful for.