Serving pro-athletes and tech giants alike, our clients trust us to fuel their body and mind for peak performance. We are the healthy corporate catering choice for world-class performers.

Quality Ingredients = Peak Performance

  • Lunch catering with plant forward and clean ingredients

  • Avoids dairy, gluten, added refined sugars... and energy crashes!

  • (Don’t worry, we love to squeeze in our comfort food menus too.)

unbeatable variety

  • 150+ menus representing every corner of the globe

  • Vegan, paleo and  gluten-free menu options included in EVERY theme

  • Office catering both foodies and basic eaters alike can enjoy

more bang

  • Family-style dining with hearty portions

  • Consistent excellence from our dedicated in-house culinary team

  • Broker free. We don’t resell marked up restaurant menus so 100% of your office meal program budget goes towards better food.

Striving for Zero Waste

  • No excessive packaging or labeling

  • We donate surplus meals to families in need through  The Patra Project.

  • No extra fees, scheduling or pick-ups required to manage leftovers

Chef Kristen Thibeault

Our Founding Chef
Chef Kristen Thibeault is considered one of the pioneers of the modern plant-based food movement. A nationally recognized vegan chef since 2012 and a certified sports nutritionist, she is a leading authority in pro-sport and plant-focused nutrition with professional athlete clients across all professional sports. As a stage-3, double cancer survivor, Kristen credits her plant-focused diet for her speedy recovery from treatment and a second chance at living her dream of being a chef.

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