The 6 Components of Finding Balance: 360° Wellness

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Trying to find a balance. Where do you even start?  Nybll founder and Culinary Director, Chef Kristen Thibeault, held Wellness Town Halls at the offices of WalkMe, KeepTruckin and Intercom to address this perennial struggle that so many of us face everyday.

Chef Kristen described the hustle and bustle of her past life as a jet-setting marketing maven and the way in which everything in her life had to change once she was struck with a cancer diagnosis. It was at that point that she made the decision to only focus on the elements of life that she could control.  Chef adopted a vegan diet; going back to the basics with whole fruits, vegetables and plant protein… and it worked. The power of the plant fueled her to a full recovery. Fast-forward to today, and now one can experience how each of Nybll’s well balanced, plant-forward catering menu themes is created with performance at heart and tastiness in mind. 

With so many distractions available in the modern world, Chef reminds us to take it back to the basics to achieve a well-rounded state. Taking the first step at the workplace, by utilising a plant-forward corporate catering service puts 360 ° Wellness well within your team’s grasp.

See Chef Kristen’s tips below on taking ownership of what you can control and becoming the ringleader of your balancing act!

360° Wellness

Finding Balance

Keep Calm and Drink Water
  • Figure out what makes you feel relaxed
  • Hang a picture to remind you of your happy place
  • Focus on the NOW, not the past and future
  • Carry water and actually drink it!
  • Let go of soda and sugar drinks
  • Stop and Take a Deep breathe-Deep slow breathing calms your nervous system
  • Energize yourself with Priming- rapid breathing gives you energy
  • Sit Up-Seated yoga and spinal alignment
  • Seated stretching
  • Turn off your phone 30 minutes everyday
  • Turn off your phone and notifications at night
  • Get 8 hours of sleep and try to wake up at the same time everyday
Make Your Move
  • Alternate sit and stand at your desk
  • Take the stairs
  • Take a 10 min walk everyday
  • Join a gym- find a workout buddy or take a class
Eat Like A Champ 
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Choose real food
  • Choose good fats
  • Pick the gluten-free option
  • Be Plant focused
Default to Gratitude
  • Every morning write down 3 things you are grateful for
  • Notice how blessed you are
  • Be generous and abundance flows
  • Say thank you often

Is your office eating to win? Nybll is the premier corporate food service in San Francisco, Oakland, Orange County and Los Angeles that does not use flour, dairy or refined sugars- so that YOU can perform at your peak state. 

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