Good Company: Silicon Valley Catering Company Nybll Is Helping Feed the Hungry

By Chadner Navarro

In 2008, Kristen Thibeault left a career in public relations and marketing to focus on healing herself through nutrition. She had been diagnosed (and has since won her battle) with cancer and wanted to change the way she ate. From her home kitchen in Boston, she started cooking healthy meals, first for herself, then her friends, then her friends’ friends.

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LA City Council enjoys vegan meal from vHive after groundbreaking vote

After a unanimous vote from the Los Angeles City Council, The City of Los Angeles will no longer purchase products from companies that contribute to the destruction of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Once the formal media announcement with city council members, Joaquin Phoenix,  Moby and Richard Greene was made, an all vegan menu was served by vHive – Nybll’s 100% plant based service. 

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The Manual: 5 Easy Celebrity-Driven Vegan Recipes

By David Duran (featuring recipe from Chef Kristen Thibeault)

Plant-based cooking is quickly shaping up to be the next big culinary phenomenon. With so many options in grocery stores for vegans or anyone wanting to dabble in plant-based eating, it was only a matter of time before celebrity chefs emerged with their takes on vegan dishes. Twenty years ago, the mention of vegan recipes in restaurants or by well-known chefs was considered groundbreaking and ahead of its time. Today, vegan recipes are quickly becoming staples in every innovative chef’s kitchen. Whether you are new to plant-based eating or are a hardcore vegan, these recipes are easy to make and will elevate your home culinary skills. And remember, it’s OK to eat vegan even if you’re not vegan.

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